Why cumbrescoons?

The cattery name of Cumbrescoons reflects the Spanish atmosphere of the San Luis Valley in Colorado, where  the Cumbrescoons cattery first began. "Cumbres" translates into English as "the peak, the pinnacle, the topmost point." What a goal to strive towards! I had worked on the Cumbres-Toltec railroad, a narrow gauge train in the mountains of Colorado, and always enjoyed the trip.

About my cattery

I established Cumbrescoons in 2000 with the goal of bringing this beautiful breed to Colorado's San Luis Valley and striving towards the betterment of the breed. I have recently moved to Missouri and am so delighted to be living in this beautiful area.

As a breeder, my goals are set, and I strive to reach for the Maine Coon appearance standards as described by CFA and TICA, maintaining health and a pleasant temperament as priorities.

I test all my cats for potential health issues, such as Hip Dysplasia and HCM (hypercardiomyopathy) and I'm very happy to continue as a cattery that is free of Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.

The cats and kittens are in the house with me, and this helps greatly with their socialization. They learn to play, explore, and feel comfortable with all our friends and visitors.  They enjoy Chooie the Chihuahua and the canaries.  The kittens are super friendly and confident in their new homes.