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Hi Rhonda
Niko is a very well behaved little guy.  He basically has a fixation with my plants, doesn't chew on any of them, just likes to sleep in them.  He is absolutely wonderful, very independent, loves to be loved on and cuddled but only when he's in the mood for it.  He is everything you say a  Maine Coons is...loves the water (toilet, drinking, bathtub, sink...he's always playing in it) follows all of us from room to room and loves to "help" our daughter with her homework.  He is fearless, jumps from the highest furniture to other pieces of furniture and has the best relationship with our dog Rusty.  They groom one another daily and play chase throughout the house.  He even stalks and attacks Rusty when he's sleeping just because he can lol  We are all one big happy family. 
Thank you again for everything Rhonda...Niko truly is the best and sweetest addition to our family.


Cumbrescoons Bandit of My Heart (Bandit)

Hi again, Rhonda!

Just a note to show you a picture of this gorgeous 5 month old boy! He's not the biggest Maine Coon out there but he might just be the sweetest! He cuddles and loves his daddy, Kai and his brother, Nitro and the dogs. He purrs so loudly it drowns out the other 2 cats and he always seems to know exactly how I feel. He's the one who steals the toy and runs away with it. He's the one who always makes sure everyone has enough attention. He is my little, sweet, sensitive boy and I wouldn't trade him for all the tea in China. I'm so glad that he was supposed to be with us. Thanks for the 3rd time. I can't wait for Ace and Pearl to have thier 1st litter so I can can have my final (female) kitty! (Cumbrescoons kittens are addictive!)
Also, I am putting on an addition in the form of a glass greenhouse-room for the cats.
Love, Chris, Mike, Shiloh, Rocky, Kai, and Nitro


Cumbrescoons Night of Thunder ("Nitro")  
Dear Rhonda,

Nitro is so confident and so strikingly
gorgeous! He is the son Kai always wanted.

They get along so well together and this morning I was just giggling as little Nitro chased his daddy,
Kai, down the hall to the bedroom.

He has no fear of the shepherds and Shiloh is already in love with the new "puppy" and follows him wherever he goes.
(It must be nice to have your own security patrol as a 12 week old kitten.)

Thanks for the 2nd time. We love him.

Chris and Mike Krystofik, and Rocky, Shiloh and Kai



Emily at 12 Weeks

Emily at 12 weeks


What can I say about this kitty. She is just wonderful! Her name is Emily. Her new home is in Evergreen, CO.
When she came here she was introduced to Our rottweilier, Jasmine and Mr. Pib, our domestic longhaired cat.
She is such a brave and confident little kitty, she wanted to go right up to Mr. Pib and check him out. Pib was really unsure about her at first. He wouldn't even come around her.
But it only took about 3 days for her to win him over. Now they are the best of friends ever. They chase each other around our house like maniacs and play WWE (wrestling). It is one of the funniest things to watch!
Another one of her favorite things is to go up to our geko's tank and paw at the glass trying to get the crickets inside.
She really is just a bundle of joy. She loves to play with her toys and everything else she finds interesting (like my earrings).
Emily also thinks she is our alarm clock, but she can never seem to get the right time. It's always just a few hours too early!
All in all we love her so much and she is just full of energy and funny surprises. We are definately happy with her and what she brings to our family.

Chris Krejci and Chloe Kiethly


Cumbrescoons Smokin' Hot Kai-An (Kai)

Hi Rhonda!
Just a little note to let you know how grateful I am to have been adopted by Kai.
When our eyes met "across a crowded room" I knew we were destined to be together forever.

I thought I knew what I wanted...a brown or silver tabby male not red and NO WHITE, PLEASE,
but now I really appreciate that old idea about really not knowing what I need 'till it creeps up and lays it's big, snowshoe paws on my shoulders.
It was love at first sight...or at least first nibble on my fingers!
(What is it about those redheads?)

It's all because of you and all your loving Maine Coons!

Shiloh and Rocky love the new baby! Shiloh especially thinks she's his Mom! She cuddles and cleans him.

Kai has become convinced that he's a German Shepherd and plays with Rocky's big toys (and Rocky's big tail!)
He wraps his whole body around Rocky's tail and bites it and bunny kicks, but not to hurt.
Then Rocky, who is 105 lbs, just looks at him like "Why are you beating me up?" Then Rocky will kiss him once or twice and it's like Kai just got a bath!

I appreciate your integrity, your honesty, your vision for the breed and your friendship. You really are "the peak, the pinnacle, the topmost point."
Thank You for our newest, best buddy.

Chris Krystofik & Kai
(Cumbrescoons Smokin' Hot Kai-an)




One night we went to visit a couple we hadn’t seen in a while.  We met their two cats, who happened to be Maine Coons, a mother and son. 
They really charmed us, to say the least.  That is how our journey started.

We got our kitten from Rhonda when he was 3 months old, September, 2006.   It’s now been a year and a half since we welcomed “Nikkel” into our house. 

I’ve owned cats for many, many years, but in all my experience with them, have never quite met one like Nikkel. 
What a sweetheart  - he has successfully won the heart of not only myself, but of my husband’s as well. 

I think on the scale, Nikkel now comes before me in my husband’s eyes.

It’s the most wonderful feeling when you’ve had a terrible day, to come through the door and be greeted by your cat! 
It just takes away all the stress from the day. 

He curls up with one of us every morning; and tries to be equal in his affections as to whose turn it is. 

Yes, he even gets under the covers with us and makes sure part of his body is touching one of us.  This part of owning him is the most precious to me.


The clown in him does come through! 
We discovered that the only toy he really needs is a beer bottle cap. 

He chases it wildly through the house and on occasion, has brought it back to us for retrieval so he can do it again. 

He found a small bag of potatoes on the counter and in the course of an evening’s time while we slept, spread them throughout the house. 

In the morning, I found a potato down the basement stairs, one in the laundry room, and one in the kitchen near the table.

I’ve learned to now put things away, as he is curious about everything. 

Life with a Cumbrescoon is delightful – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lori & Dave Clifford

It's great to be King!


Hi Rhonda,
Louie is doing wonderfully! (I have attached some pictures) He is the sweetest cat, (a little difficult to train because of his affection for water,) but absolutely amazing!
We have so much fun with him!

Thanks again,