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Chip lives in Wyoming, after 15 years Chip has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 

He had been a great companion, and is missed.

Negan & Family

We purchased a kitten from Rhonda four months ago and are thrilled with our boy. He is such an amazing cat! He is so confident, affectionate, and adventurous. He is simply perfect. Rhonda was nothing but helpful and kind throughout the entire process.
When we picked up our new addition we were encouraged to meet her cats who all seemed to love the attention. Everyone was obviously well taken care of and loved. We couldn't have found a better addition for our family. We couldn't be happier with our choice and experience with Rhonda. We would highly recommend her if you are looking for the perfect Maine Coon for your family!

Nicole W.

We are so fortunate to have these 3 additions to our fur baby family. So much laughter and affection came into our home with Maia, Franklin and Shelley.

Jeannie O.

From the moment Rhonda sent me a picture of the new born kittens I knew the little red ball of fluff was for me. Groot definitely has the ginger attitude. He is quick to let me know when he feels the food bowl doesn’t have enough food and creates a ruckus until it is full. He loves to snuggle and give kisses. Groot and our German Shepherd, Thor, have formed a unique bond and are never apart. We could not have asked for a better Maine Coon. Thank you Rhonda, for allowing us to have Groot in our lives!

Bev B

I’d say Zippy is a very affectionate hooligan who gets away with mischief because his antics are creative and funny. Can’t stay mad at him for long. He’s also the perfect playmate for his big brother (Tonk) who is half his size.

Kathy O

We love our sweet kittens. They have quickly become a part of the family and they truly brighten our days. Joe and Lola are always into something and they love to get our puppy involved in their antics as well. We have discussed that if we had known their personalities better before naming them, they would probably be named Ruckus and Mayhem. As playful as they are, they sure know how to snuggle. They snuggle with my husband, myself, our kids and even the puppy. Joe was originally named “Joe Cool” because of his knack for looking so comfortable in any situation. Lola is bossy. She lets everyone know when she needs attention. There is nothing skittish about these two kittens, which I think speaks well for Rhonda and the home they came from. Thank you Rhonda. We couldn’t be happier.    Lisa K